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4 Things Customers Want From A Cab Service

Here, at All Ways Taxi Service, we proud ourselves of providing high quality, reliable, and enjoyable service to our customers. Taxis are a very convenient way to get around from point A to B, quicker than buses and trains. However it is possible for a cab service to be known as unreliable. This is why at All Ways Taxi Service , we took our job and our name seriously;  and  avoid the mistakes others have made because we care about our reputation. We have 100% reliability rating with over 99% of our clients.

Having being in business for 20 years, we have learned a lot about our customers' needs and wills, and are proud to meet those needs for the satisfaction of our precious clients. 

Here are 5 things we believe  customers want the most from a taxi service:



1--- Be Reliable And On Time.

Customers expect a taxi to arrive on time and to take them to their appointment/shopping/destination on time,  promptly. Once the taxi is 1 minute late, the customer will start being frustrated and will start to  loose trust about wether his or her ride will ever show up. At All Ways Taxi Service, we have the expertise in arranging the pick ups and appointments without any delay because we have been in the business for a long time. The technique we use consists in  always allowing enough extra time for traffic, unexpected detours, and other life unexpected events/errors, (just in case); versus departing at the 'last minute'. We also have an advanced dispatch system that we use to always match our customers with the nearest driver to their pick up locations, to avoid any delay and make sure our passengers are happy and satisfied.



2--- Clean, newer, decent Vehicles

The first impression most taxi riders get  when their taxis arrive is the cleanness of the vehicle. Yes, the taxi transporting the public must be clean and presentable. We never know who we will cross, who we will drive. We routinely drive leaders, star, high profile VIP business travellers. Regardless of whether we will cross a high profile VIP or anyone else, at All Ways Taxi Service, we take the cleanness factor very seriously. It says a lot about whether the company cares about their customers. 

It is  also important that the vehicle be serviced regulary to prevent unexpected  break down while driving the customer. We are sure most of the passengers won't call you back for a second leg return trip if the back seat of the taxi offensively smells like a public restroom.



3--- Helpful Staff

If you want repeated business from your passengers, good customer service is the key. 

At All Ways Taxi Service, we only only employ courteous, friendly , and very polite staff.


4---Lower/Reasonnable Prices.

There are a lot of taxi services out there. Price is one of the important factor customers consider when deciding which service to choose. That's why, at All Ways Taxi, we don't provide the lowest service, but we provide the lowest rates to beat the competition ; with quality and customer satisfaction in mind!